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Taming.io, a unblocked game that has been very popular lately, is played by everyone. The game, which reached a wide audience in a short time, has a feature that people of all ages can easily play. The game, which has 2D visuals, is preferred to relieve stress. But many users play this game from all over the world.
The pet you choose in Taming.io starts the game from the first level. The characters of your opponent players will attack you unexpectedly. Do not let the animals on you touch you. They cause death every time they touch you. The game is a very fast and easy game. As you level up, the difficulty level of the game increases.

Taming.io is pretty easy to play. The object of the game is to rank first and outrun your opponents. Taming.io is pretty easy to play. However, as you level up, the difficulty level increases. You should not let the opponents of your chosen pet touch you. For this, you need to navigate with the mouse. The left mouse button is also your fists. Your character throws a quick punch, intimidating the opponent. The installation of the current version was played by about 3.4K people and was appreciated in a short time.